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02-05-2007, 08:45 PM
Dear all,

I am studing the effects of sand sprinting on kinematics, though I do not know the correct way to measure the running surface stiffnes.
There are some researchers (Zamparo et al., 1992; and Pinnington et al., 2001) that have done it before, however the methods they use are very sophisticated (Zamparo et al., 2001) or unclear (Pinnington et al., 2001). These last authors reference a method called "Clegg impact hammer" (Clegg, 1978, 1980, unpublished observations). Thus, my questions are:

Could you recomend me a simple method for measuring running surface (sand) stiffnes?

Do you know the method called "Clegg impact hammer"?

Thank you for any information you can offer


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