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Myers, Joseph
02-07-2007, 02:36 AM
The graduate program in Sports Medicine in the Department of Sports
Medicine and Nutrition (School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences) at
the University of Pittsburgh is accepting applications from students
interested in receiving a PhD in Rehabilitation Science (Specialization
in Sports Medicine). There are several graduate research assistantships
available within the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory, focusing on
injury prevention and performance enhancement in athletes, physically
active individuals, and military operators.

The PhD in Rehabilitation Science (Specialization in Sports Medicine) is
a 4 year program structured to provide coursework in the major academic
areas of sports medicine, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition,
bioengineering, education, research methodology, statistics, anatomy,
and pathokinesiology. Students will be provided extensive research
experience in the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory housed within the
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Center for Sports Medicine as
well as our two new Department of Defense funded military based
laboratories. The research experience focuses on issues central to
clinical orthopedics and sports medicine as it applies to athletes,
physically active individuals, and elite military personnel. Research
includes the use of motion analysis (video and electromagnetics)
electromyography, isokinetic dynamometry, proprioceptive and balance
assessment modalities, and metabolic and physiological assessment
techniques for the purpose of injury prevention, restoring function
after injury, and performance enhancement.

Successful candidates should have:

1. Completed their masters degree in an appropriate
field of study

(biomechanics, athletic training, physical therapy, biomedical
engineering, exercise physiology, etc)

2. Demonstrated experience in conducting applied and
clinical research

3. Strong oral and written communication skills

4. Strong computers skill

5. Competency in the use instrumentation for human
movement analysis.

Graduate assistantships to conduct research within the Neuromuscular
Research Laboratory will be provided to those who qualify and include
full tuition waiver, a stipend, and health insurance. Typically
assistantships are one-year appointments renewable annually.

Additional information concerning the program can be obtained by
contacting Joseph Myers, PhD, ATC at the contact information below and
by visiting the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory website
(www.pitt.edu/~neurolab ). An online
application for the PhD in Rehabilitation Science degree program can be
completed at www.shrs.pitt.edu .

Joseph B. Myers, PhD, ATC

Coordinator of Graduate Education in Sports Medicine

University of Pittsburgh

Sports Medicine and Nutrition

4044 Forbes Tower

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Email: myersjb@upmc.edu

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Joseph B. Myers, PhD, ATC

Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Sports Medicine

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

University of Pittsburgh

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Associate Director

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