View Full Version : Histology of Eyes

Colin Mcconnell
12-07-1993, 11:16 AM
Greetings Netters,
My thanks to Kenneth, Matthew, and Marco. The seminar went quite
well - most of the 2nd year Engineers were quite surprised to learn that
Engineering goes beyond bridges and cars. I've had a few questions about
Biomedical Engineering programs. If only I knew something about such
That, however, is not the reason for this post. My research is
leading into the mechanical properties of microfibril-based elastic
structures. In my literature searches, I've seen all kinds of lovely
micrographs of the ciliary zonules of human, and other, eyes. The zonules
are nicely separated and stained, yet still attached to the lens capsule.
Can anyone provide me with a pointer to the technique used? I'd
like to see if it is modifiable to help me in removing the zonules for
dynamic testing.
Thank you for your time.
Colin J. McConnell