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unknown user
12-07-1993, 06:37 PM
Does anyone know anything about research done on mimicing fish
movement in the propulsion of ships, or about using the principles
of vertebrate morphology in moving structures?
Major interest in this field seems to originate in Germany between
1960-1970. Frei Otto ( at the Institute of Lightweight Structures in
Stuttgart) built a model of a "flexible column" which was basically a
spine, in 1963, and Hertel and Helmcke contemporaneously researched
the "fish" principle in a boat with the acronym TUB-TUB (Technischen
Universitaet Berlin).
We have been unable to find anything, including the original
report, other than a photograph and basic tables in Hertel's book
"Structure, form, movement" translated in 1966. Does anyone know
about these fish boats?
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