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Hasan-farm, Tanja
02-20-2007, 04:23 AM
As our Senior Researcher for the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL), you'll
develop vision, direction and agenda for field-testing research and
assume the responsibility for bringing sensory evaluation efforts to the
next level. You'll be responsible for the functional excellence of the
work performed by Field Testers and for managing Field Testing
Coordinators. You'll evolve, direct and conduct sensory evaluation
research aimed at increasing our understanding of athletes' needs and
activity requirements to develop technologically innovative products.
You'll also align research with Category and Advanced R&D timelines and
coordinate efforts within Line Field Testing and be the proponent of a
comprehensive approach that includes biomechanical, perceptual and
mechanical/physical information of product. You'll mentor Field Test
Analysts in all phases of product performance research from protocol
evaluation and testing setup to data interpretation and results
presentation. You'll also administer performance reviews, conduct
semi-annual goal settings for Field Test Coordinators and contribute to
the functional excellence assessment of Field Test Analysts. You'll
demonstrate Nike's commitment to product performance research through
presentations at scientific meetings, clinics and conferences and
publications in scientific journals. You'll also contribute manuscripts
to the Sport Research Review and Medical Field. In addition, you'll
support product launch with technical, perceptual and scientific
information obtained through research, knowledge of the literature and
your own personal expertise and learning.

Requirements for the position include:
* Master's degree with 7 years' experience in sensory evaluation,
biomechanical/industrial research
* Doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology/Human Factors/Sensory
Evaluation or associated fields of research is preferred
* Excellent communication skills to exchange information with
categories, members of the innovation kitchen and media at product
* Strong knowledge of the product creation/development process
* Demonstrated ability to set research priorities and manage
category research teams
* Demonstrated skills at leading small teams of individuals with
diverse expertise
* Exposure to industrial research and management experience are
* Ability to travel up to 20% of the time

For further information to apply please visit www.nikebiz.com

Tanja Hasan-Farm
Nike Staffing
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