View Full Version : Anthropmetric properties/regression equations for calculation offoot geometry for BoS calculations while walking of CP-patients

Rettig, Oliver
02-20-2007, 11:06 PM

For calculation of the bottom of support (BoS) areas while walking I am looking for anthropometric data/regression equations for the forefoot width, backfoot width and something like a typical forefoot (support)-length while toe walking of CP-patients. I hope to get data which scales with the foot length and/or age of the patients. I have also measured ankle width, which can be used in regression equations.

I am also interested in people to discuss BoS calculation while walking. I have spend a lot of time in calculation of BoS based on foot strike, foot off, flat foot events and some markers placed on the foot. I had tried automatic calculation of the foot flat events but in practice with our patient data my algorithm is not robust enough.

Oliver Rettig

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