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Sae Yong Lee
02-24-2007, 02:03 AM
Dear BIOM-L subscribers

Thanks for all reply. It became clear for the definition of all moments.
However, I would like to ask one more thing.
Usually moment is calculted by inverse dynamics. Assuming there is only GRF
applying on the foot and no other force. In this simple model, the equation
will be Ia(alpha)=JM (joint moment)+GRF*D1+WT*D2. Then JM=Ia-GRF*D1-WT*D2.
What is the joint moment calculated by this equation. Would you consider
this as internal moment or external moment or muscle moment? I believe that
this is internal moment to neutralize moment produced by GRF because moment
produced by GRF is subtracted from total net moment Ia. I think the
interpretation will be totally different if we consider this as external
moment if this is internal moment especially in eccentric contraction phase.
How would you interpret this when the moment is calculated with the equation
I wrote above? I saw several problem related to joint reaction force and
shear force as well. I want to make it clear before interpreting moment and
joint reaction force variable.

Sae Yong Lee

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