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John Martinson
12-10-1993, 02:28 AM
On Wed, 8 Dec 1993, Marc Buma wrote
> I am looking for software for the automatic detection of human
> facial features and human posture from video tape recordings.
> I know that a lot of research is being done in this area, but
> I have not been able to locate any of the shelf solutions so
> far. Is there anybody out there who can get me on the way with
> this problem? References to key literature are welcome too!
> If there is sufficient response to my questions, I will post
> an overview on Biomch-l.
I presume you are aware of the author, Paul Ekman, in the field of facial
expression. Paul is at the University of California-San Francisco at the
Langley-Porter Inst. I don't know how much his use of video shows up in
the literature though. But I think his experimental work on taping people
instructed to try to deceive others by telling lies would be of interest
because of subsequent efforts of viewers to determine when lying was
taking place. One of the questions he addresses is which facial muscles
tip us off to when we observe spontaneous smiling in someone versus
conscious or false smiling. Personally he is quite practiced in using
different facial muscles to demonstrate some of these differences.

Psychological Abstracts or Social Science Citation Index over the past 15
years or so should provide provide plenty of references.

Good luck,
John Martinson Univ. of Nevada, Reno