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03-05-2007, 12:51 AM
Hello Everyone,

I want to verify that the spring mass model (1) can track a runner's gait
parameters over a speed range. Unfortunately, I cannot find any research where
the model was run over a speed range and multiple output parameters from the
model were compared with experiment. I'd appreciate any citations to a
multi-parameter comparison between theoretical values from the model and
measurements as a function of speed.

I am using is self-converging version of the model (2). At each velocity it
generates many output parameters (3) with graphs, trajectories and analysis
based on the six input parameters. The model shows reasonable agreement with
most experimental parameters (4).

If you would like a copy of the model and you “speak” Excel, send me an
email and I'll gladly send it to you.


Ted Andresen
Math Dept. (SP/G)
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg, Florida

(1) _http://members.aol.com/EasyExperiments/SpringMass.gif_
(2) _http://members.aol.com/EasyExperiments/SM_Detail.doc_
(3) This data was kindly provided by Andre Seyfarth through the efforts of
Susanne Lipfert.
The input/output data table is at:
(4) _http://members.aol.com/EasyExperiments/SM_Graphs.gif_

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