View Full Version : Feedback on postings

Herman J. Woltring
03-21-1990, 08:39 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following a request from one of our subscribers, the following information
might be useful for all of us.

Postings received by the Biomch-L listserver should be disseminated within a
few minutes. As far as I know, received postings do not immediately `awake'
the listserver but are processed once the listserver is activated by its own
clock (once per five minutes, I believe). By default, the transmitter of a
posted item does not receive a copy of his posting. However, by issueing the
request SET BIOMCH-L (NO)REPRO to LISTSERV@HEARN, (s)he can change this de-
fault if done from the address at which the requester is known to Biomch-L.
I have done so myself, and the usual delay between transmitting an item to the
list and receiving it as retransmitted from the list is a few minutes only.

Since HEITUE5 is directly connected with HEARN, the delays from other nodes
may be longer. For example, the transtlantic path between Europe and North
America is quite congested, so postings to the list and individual mailings
may suffer some delays. For those of us on EARN/BITNET/NETNORTH, the inter-
active feedback messages sent back to us while an item is forwarded from node
to node provide information about the progress of the transmitting process.

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring.