View Full Version : 3rd International Symposium on 3-D analysis of human movement

Arne Lundberg Okh
12-12-1993, 06:24 AM
Collegues and friends!

In the first announcement of the 3rd Int Symposium on 3-D analysis of
human movement posted to the Biomch-L my e-mail address was given as
"arne.lundberg.OKH@kicom.ki.se". Unfortunately, it was soon afterwards
changed to "arne.lundberg@okh.ki.se". Any incoming mail after this should
have been forwarded, and a lot has been. However if you have sent a
message and not yet received a reply, or if you intend to send one,
please drop a note to the new address.

Hoping to see you all in Stockholm when the nights are short and the
birches are green,

Arne Lundberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Orthopaedics
Karolinska Institute
Huddinge University Hospital
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