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03-28-2007, 08:53 PM
Faculty of Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Leeds

The EU funded Marie Curie Early Stage training site ESTER, invites
applications from individuals who are at the beginning of their research
career and wish to either pursue a full-time programme of study leading
to a PhD or to undertake a shorter period of specialist research

The specific areas of study/training offered by the site include:

Fluids Mechanics Research (Experimental and Theoretical), covering:
* Droplet dynamics, with industrial/biological applications
* Micro- and nano-fluidic flow and devices, including biological
and medical applications
* Thin film flows on heterogeneous surfaces
* Modelling and computational fluid dynamics

For the medical applications, research in the areas of cement flow in
vertebroplasty are a focus.

There are strict eligibility criteria imposed by the EU; applicants must
meet all of the following that are relevant to them:
* You must be a citizen of an EU country or an associated state
(Bulgaria, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway, Romania, Switzerland
and Turkey). Citizens of other countries can only be considered if they
qualify for EU status by being resident for a minimum of 4 out of the
last 5 years in an EU or associated state.
* You must not have been resident in the UK for more than 12
months in the preceding 3 years.
* UK citizens are only eligible if they are not currently resident
in the UK, additionally, they must have been resident outside the UK for
at least the preceding 5 years.
* You must have obtained a degree that entitles you to embark on
doctoral studies and have less than 4 years research experience.
* You must not have obtained a doctoral qualification (i.e. PhD or
* Applications from women are particularly encouraged because they
are under represented in this area.

The training offered attracts a generous salary plus other allowances.

For a full listing of research topics and further programme details
visit :

Informal enquiries may be made to Doctor Nikil Kapur, School of
Mechanical Engineering, email ester@efm.leeds.ac.uk

To apply on line please visit www.leeds.ac.uk and click on jobs.
Alternatively application packs are available from Mrs Jackie Kidd, tel
+44 (0) 113 343 2126, email j.kidd@leeds.ac.uk

Job ref 312212 Closing date 27 April 2007