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J.a. Sigg
12-15-1993, 01:39 AM
I am requesting information concerning labs/clinics that specialize in the
analysis of runners. An individual in his late 30's who is a triathlete
has a history of femoral stress fractures. He is currently being seen at a
Sports Medicine Clinic in central Pennsylvania. However, the clinic has
limited equipment (as does my lab) and is therefore unable to give this
individual the information that he needs.

The individual has stated that he is willing to be referred anywhere within
a reasonable traveling distance (i.e. 1,000 miles). Therefore, could you
please send me information concerning clinics/labs that would be able to
help this person. I'll thank you in advance.

John A. Sigg
Ithaca College
55 Hill Center
Ithaca. NY 14850