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Benjamin Winkel
04-10-2007, 08:41 PM
Dear List-Members,
we are striving for an efficient realization of dynamic muscle modelling
for three dimensional FE analysis.
Apart from the obvious and continuing implementational tasks, our major
objective are currently result validations, and as a first step the
development of geometrical realistic models.
While there are plenty of articles illustrating possible solutions to
CT-> voxel -> FE-mesh data processing, we do unfortunately not possess
the necessary software to follow that procedures.

Therefore we are looking for existent (hexahedral) FE-meshes of muscular
structures we are allowed, preferable human and preferably from the
limbs. However, I want to make clear that "preferably" does not mean
exclusively - we would be grateful for any input.
In case there are exist abstract descriptions of 3D muscle geometries -
which I am not aware of - please let us know as well.

Along with the shape of the muscle body any mathematical description of
the fiber orientation within would be greatly appretiated. Be it as
explicit function(s), vector field data, B-spline coordinates or
anything else.

If you have to share those kind of data, know where to find them, or
have some suggestions, please don't hesitate to reply.

Thank you in advance,
Benjamin Winkel

Benjamin Winkel, Dipl.-Ing. MSc
Institute of Structural Mechanics
Bauhaus University
Weimar, Germany
+49 3643 584505