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unknown user
12-15-1993, 02:19 PM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers:
I have an unusual request. I am a graduate student in skeletal
biology working on an archaeological skeleton which displays
some unusual features of the lower limbs. First off, the right foot
of the individual exhibits a clubfoot deformity of the calcaneus (the
talus was not found). Needless to say, congenital anomalies like
clubfoot are rare in archaeological skeletal samples. However,
both femorae display pronounced antero-posterior flattening all along
the diaphyses, from the femoral neck all the way to the distal
metaphyses. What I would like to know is, are there any gait studies
of individuals with clubfoot deformities (particularly adults). Also,
are there any sources dealing with the alteration of muscle function
according to type and severity of lower limb congenital anomaly? If
anyone could provide answers or leads to any of these questions I
would be eternally (well, perhaps not eternally, but for a short while)
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