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04-17-2007, 01:35 AM
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The Swedish Research Council is funding a six year Research Fellowship
in the field of Cellular Biomechanics. The position will be held at a
university in Sweden and at the end of the six years of research
council funding the person will be employed by their host university
as a permanent member of staff, subject to satisfactory performance
during the fellowship.
Lund University (LU) and Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) via the
Centre for Biomechanics at Lund (CBML) would be very interested in
hosting this position. The research activities of CBML include FEA and
mechanical modelling of orthopaedic implants, injectable biomaterials,
the function of proteins in bone mechanics, bone growth and
augmentation and effects of mechanics on bone and bone cell growth
and differentiation. This laboratory is where RSA was developed, so
extensive RSA facilities are available.
The deadline for applications is 3 May 2007
For further details contact Professor Lars Lidgren, Department of
Orthopaedics (lars.lidgren@ort.lu.se), Professor Dick Heinegård BMC
(dick.heinegard@med.lu.se) or Professor Liz Tanner
For further application details see:
http://www.vr.se/mainmenu/applyforgrants/callforproposals/grantsview.4.64a4ae3e1092b3475b6800063.html?resour ceId=-947&languageId=2
Liz Tanner