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Krystyna Gielo-perczak
12-17-1993, 12:50 PM
It may be of interest for BIOMCH-L readers to attend the forthcoming 3rd

Blood Flow in Large Vessels

A SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM OF THE 2nd World Congress of Biomechanics

presented by
the Biotechnical Institute
Munich, Germany

July 16-19, 1994

The 3rd International Symposium will explore topics of interest to physicians,
bioengineers, mechanical and aerospace engineers, clinicians, biorheologists
and other investigators in areas such as blood flow, laser-Doppler anemometry,
ultrasound, fiber optics, biomaterials and numerical studies. In vivo and
in vitro, as well as numerical studies will be examined. Special emphasis will
be placed on state-of-the art technology and medical applications. Only new,
unpublished papers will be accepted.

Preliminary Program Topics

Clinical Methods and Problems
Atherosclerosis, localization of plaques, diagnostic techniques, heart valves
( tissue and artificial ), bypass surgery, vessel surgery, anastomosis
techniques, varicose veins.

In vivo measuring methods
Utrasound, MRI, laser techniques.

Model experiments
Ultrasound and MRI measurement in vitro, flow visualization, laser-Doppler
anemometry and other laser techniques, heart valves, coronary arteries,
arterial wall, collapsible tubes, endothelial response to shear stress cell/
cell interactions.

Rheological studies
Cell-cell studies, shear stresses on white and red blood cells, blood-like

Artificial grafts

Numerical studies

Abstract submission January 15, 1994
Paper submission May 1, 1994

Instructions for submission
Please include the title of the paper, authors, affiliations, and address.
Please use WordPerfect 5.1 or WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows, or Word for Windows.
A 5.25 or 3.5 inch disk in MS-DOS format is required. Please label your disk
with your name, the software and hardware used.

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Dr Dieter Liepsch
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