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05-08-2007, 05:12 AM
NC State/NIOSH Ergonomics Graduate Education and Research Program

The Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and System Engineering (ISE) at
NC State is currently accepting applications for graduate fellowships
through a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
grant for ergonomics and safety education and research. If you've thought
about the possibility of attending graduate school, and are interested in
ergonomics, this graduate education and research program may also be of
interest to you. NCSU ISE leads safety and ergonomics component of NC
Occupational Safety and Health Education & Research Center (ERC). The other
four components are industrial hygiene (University of North Carolina-Chapel
Hill, UNC), health nursing (UNC), epidemiology (UNC), occupational medicine
(Duke University). This program is unique since that all students have the
opportunity to learn from all five components from various campuses.

The program provides support for students to obtain masters and doctoral
degrees in ISE with a focus on research and practice in ergonomics and
occupational safety. Successful applicants will also be eligible for
assistantships and scholarships. The program provides funding for up to four
MS students or two PhD students, on an annual basis, through the completion
of a degree program. (You must be a U.S. Citizen to apply for, and receive,
support through this program.) Support includes a competitive monthly
stipend, full tuition support for all academic terms, and health insurance
during your degree.

The requirements of this program are in-line with the degree requirements of
the ISE Department and provide for HFES (Human Factors & Ergonomics Society)
accreditation of MS and PhD degrees. We are currently recruiting MS or PhD
students for research fellowships to begin in the fall of 2007 or spring
2008. MS candidates starting this fall are anticipated to complete their
degrees by spring of 2009. (Degree timelines may vary from student to
student and will be longer for doctoral students.)

The program, situated in the research triangle area, emphasizes occupational
ergonomics and safety from both the physical and cognitive perspectives.
Areas of research emphasis in physical ergonomics include: workplace design,
anthropometry, musculoskeletal injury, cumulative trauma, work physiology,
and biomechanics. Areas of research emphasis in cognitive ergonomics
include: human information processing, human-machine interface design,
models of human decision making and cognition in complex systems,
human-automation interaction, and team performance.

All student applicants qualifying for graduate school admission at NC State
can be considered for this fellowship program and research assistantships
involving projects in our Ergonomics Lab. Internships with local companies
are encouraged during summer terms. Application deadlines for graduate study
at NC State (for U.S. Students) are: June 25 - Fall semester deadline; and
November 25 - Spring semester deadline.

Graduates of our program are aggressively recruited by industry, consulting
and academia throughout the United States. If you're thinking about graduate
school, need support for your education and have an interest in ergonomics,
please contact Dr. Simon Hsiang (919-513-7208) or Dr. David Kaber
(919-515-3086) for further information on the NC State NIOSH Ergonomics
Graduate Education and Research Program.