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05-15-2007, 11:50 PM
University Orthopedics, Inc.
Job Posting for Medical Device Test Technician

Job description: This is a full-time position in the Bioengineering
Laboratory. The successful candidate will perform mechanical and
biomechanical tests of medical devices, as well as assist in aspects of
testing projects including test design, data acquisition, report
writing, and other duties as assigned. Two to five years experience in
laboratory setting a must. Knowledge of LabView, MatLab, biomechanical
testing, and/or human anatomy is a plus. Excellent benefits, including
full tuition reimbursement.

Interested candidates please send or fax resume to:

University Orthopedics, Inc.
PO Box 1119
Providence RI 02901
Fax: 401-831-6054