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05-16-2007, 04:30 AM
Brooks Sports, Inc., a premier manufacturer of performance running
footwear and apparel, is seeking a Senior Biomechanist to lead and
manage our internal biomechanics and gait analysis laboratory. The
Senior Biomechanist will be responsible for generating and applying
ideas regarding biomechanical and engineering principles while providing
expertise and quidance to our product creation team in the research and
development of new products, systems, materials and processes. He/She
will work with cross-functional product teams to design, analyze, and
test new product concepts, ideas and theories as they are applied to
footwear and apparel. The successful Candidate will have an excellent
understanding of the mechanics of human motion and a diverse knowledge
of athletic training, exercise science and heath/ physical education.

Basic Responsibilities:

1) Oversee the Brooks Biomechanics and gait analysis Lab. This
involves evaluating the current lab for areas of improvement,
supervising the testing equipment, writing of custom software modules,
approving of protocols and standard operating procedures, and
effectively implementing the results from the program into the in-line
product process

2) Perform and lead experimental and theoretical research,
development and validation studies in biomechanics while creating new
protocols and research methods as they apply to the mechanics of human

3) Act as an evangelist to communicate the Brooks' biomechannics
perspective to the biomechanics, medical and scientific communities, our
sales force, distributors and licensees, retailers, consumers and
internal stakeholders. This would include, for example, presenting
findings to groups about new ideas at conferences, seminars, trade shows
and sales meetings

4) Plan, research, engineer, and deliver a consistent long-term
(2-5 year) flow of innovative concepts based on Brooks' vision and the
footwear department's strategic plan. Assist in the implementation of
these ideas into the in-line product process.

5) Initiate, cultivate, and grow relationships between Brooks
Sports and outside resources that might assist in the research,
validation, or development of innovative product concepts (i.e.
universities, laboratories, domestic and international organizations).

6) Participate in all phases of research from conceptual through
to design and final implementation and formal publication of results

7) Provide clinical, technical, and educational support to
internal and external stakeholders

8) Hire, lead, motivate, manage and supervise the Brooks
biomechanics laboratories and resources

9) Establish and conduct research of international standing in the
field of Biomechanics

10) Create and lead a plan for the establishment of appropriate
in-house product innovation resources such as a biomechanics literature

11) Participate in requirements definition (standards) and
implementation of them in the development and manufacturing process.


1. The desired candidate will hold a Ph.D. in Biomechanics or a
related degree in Physiology, Kineseology, or Engineering with 3+ years
of experience directing a laboratory setting

2. Demonstrated ability to conduct outstanding research through
advanced laboratory and management skills

3. Good standing in the biomechanics community with a proven track
record of collaborative research and a solid publication record

4. Experienced with Motion Analysis, PEDAR, AMTI force plates,
Visual 3D, and FEA modeling, or other related systems

5. Strong organizational and technical skills, excellent written
and oral communication skills and the ability to work both indepently
and within a multidisciplinary team are essential

6. Ability to work professionally and efficiently with all
departments that make up Brooks Sports, Inc., including Design, Sales,
Marketing, Production, and Operations

All applicants should complete the attached application and send it,
along with a cover letter and resume to jobs@brooksrunning.com or they
can apply online to www.brooksrunning.com

Reports to: V.P of Research and Development

Department: Footwear

Position Classification: Exempt

Trampas TenBroek, MS
Department of Kinesiology
110 Totman
School of Public Health and Health Sciences
University of Massachusetts
30 Eastman Lane
Amherst, MA 01003-9258
413-545-1337, Voice
413-545-2906, Fax