View Full Version : bilateral v. unilateral amputee sprinting

Kathleen Costa
05-17-2007, 02:21 AM
>From working with US Paralympic sprinters while the biomechanist with
the USOC, I believe the primary concern with bilateral amputee sprinters
is (artificially) enhanced leg length from the increased prosthetic
Obviously, to avoid injury and maintain proper gait mechanics, single
limb amputee sprinters must have their prosthetic fit such that there is
no leg length discrepancy; affected limb must be the same length as the
non-affected limb.
Not being limited by the length of an unaffected limb, bilateral
amputees, however, can increase the length of their prosthetics,
effectively increasing their leg length (step length). Which is where
the primary "unfair advantage" argument comes in to play.

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