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05-21-2007, 02:07 AM
Dear All,

We are looking for information on different types of robot arms and/or turn tables that can be used to manipulate in space with rigidly attached pair of cameras+projector in order to image body from different views and consequently find full 3D shape of it. What we expect to see from such a robot arm on its output interface is information about change in attitude/pose between two successive positions (camera views) in space, i.e. three translation and three rotational parameters. As it is probably obvious, we need those to easy up problem of range image registration. Alternatively, one could perhaps always try and build up such robot arm (or mentioned turn table in simplest case for smaller object of size and complexity where the object can be put on the turn table and cameras kept stationary) on his/her own. However, we would like to explore first perhaps some readily available solutions on Web. For example http://www.reisrobotics.com/, although that may turn out to be as overkill, in terms of size, installation, accompanying utility for manipulation; for a 'simple' goal what we need from that robot arm: translation + rotation.

Thank your for your output, summary will follow.

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