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David Smith
05-22-2007, 06:04 PM
Hi All

Thanks for your replies, keep them coming please, I was prompted by Kevin
Miller to have a serious look at tensegrity as a system applied to the human
body. So far I am not convinced and so I was wondering if there were any
biomechanists working in this area. Thanks for the attachment Robert. I'll
be interested to read about Jerome's Tensegrity prosthetics

All the best Dave
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musculo-skeletal in particuar

May be of interest:

"Series of twelve movements advanced by author Carlos Castaneda, Ph.D.,
reportedly born Carlos Cesar Arana Castaneda in 1925, in Peru. Castaneda
supposedly learned these movements from his teacher, Juan Matus (Don
Juan), a reputed Yaqui sorcerer (brujo). ("Don" is a courtesy title that
means "nobleman" or "gentleman.") The purported design of Tensegrity is
to "gather energy" and promote well-being. Its theory posits an "energy
body." (According to Castaneda, his teacher was born in 1891. But the
alleged reality of Castaneda's Don Juan is doubtful.) "

Otherwise, "(tensile integrity) structure: a structure where
interconnected tensile and compressive load distribution is used to
create great strength. ..."

or Wikipedia?

Adrian Smith
Leeds University Library

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Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Tensegrity in biological systems and
musculo-skeletal in particuar

Dear All

I am interested in what research, within the biomechanics /engineering
community, is being done in terms of Tensegrity in biological systems. I
am particularly interested in musculo-skeletal systems. Can a Mamalian,
and the Human's in particular, musculo-skeletal system be regarded as
entirely a tensegrity structure?

Look forward to your replies

Cheers Dave Smith