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05-23-2007, 08:37 AM
Dear All,

I have recently been experimenting with a Digitimer D185 cortical
stimulator to provide percutaneous stimulation to the quadriceps using
electrodes placed over the proximal and distal portions of the muscle.
Ideally I would like to apply a stimulus capability of producing a brief
tetanic contraction (...yes this does hurt, I have tried it my self a
number of times whilst I get the stimulus parameters right).

On close inspection of the technical specials on the D185, I notice that
by flipping a switch at the back to the stimulator to a "special"
setting, the stimulator is capability of delivering stimuli at a rate of
up to 1000pps.

Could anyone tell me if this is safe? Could this cause peripheral nerve
damage? What is the highest frequency that would be safe at a stimulus
intensity capable of producing maximal twitch force (following a single

I would greatly appreciate any input anyone may have on this.

Kind regards,


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