View Full Version : Invitation to attend free workshop on "Practicum on the Use ofSurface EMG Signals - ISB 2007, July 4, 2007, Taipei

Tiziana De Luca
05-23-2007, 10:43 PM
Dear Biomechl readers:

On behalf of the Physical Therapy Association of Taiwan and Delsys,
Inc., I am pleased to inform you that Professor Carlo J. De Luca,
Director of the NeuroMuscular Research Center at Boston University, will
offer a FREE workshop, "A Practicum on the Use of Surface EMG Signals".
The workshop will be held during the XXI st Congress of International
Society of Biomechanics on July 4th, from 3- 5 PM, Room #101 CD, Grand
Hyatt Taipei.

The workshop is intended to provide an introduction to conceptual and
practical knowledge required for detecting and using the Surface
Electromyography (sEMG) signal in the field of Movement Science. It is
directed at practitioners who need assistance in improving their use of
the sEMG signal. No formal knowledge of sEMG is required. Concepts and
issues will be presented with diagrams, pictures and real data.

Emphasis will be placed on the type of sensor to use and where to locate
it within the confines of the muscle surface. The characteristics such
as: electrode dimensions, dry vs. electrolyte interface, gel vs. dry
electrode will be discussed. Issues that are particular to sEMG signal
detection, such as sources of noise and cross-talk will be addressed.

The workshop will discuss and provide recommendations to the following

1. What information can be reliably obtained from the sEMG signal
with relation to force, muscle activation, and fatigue?
2. What are the limitations of the use of the surface EMG signal?
3. What is required to collect high-fidelity sEMG signals?

* Why is it sometimes difficult to detect a high-fidelity
EMG signal?
* How to reduce the noise in the signal?
* How to reduce cross-talk?
* Where to locate the sensor and why?

4. New applications for monitoring movement activities in Stroke and
Parkinson's patients

Seating is limited to 200 and the deadline to register is June 20, 2007.

Please visit the Delsys website (www.delsys.com) to download the
registration form.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Dr. Wendy Wang at tjwang@ym.edu.tw

Devi Bheemappa at delsys@delsys.com