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05-29-2007, 06:19 AM

POSITION TITLE: Performance Technologist JOB NO:

DIVISION/DEPARTMENT: Performance Services

Research, design, program and develop software, technology solutions and
service delivery programs with a focus on data acquisition, motor
learning, feedback theory, sport performance analysis, real-time
feedback, web development and advancing technologies. Work in and
foster a collaborative effort with the Performance Services staff to
address the issues, advancements and parameters of Olympic sport
performance. Through collaboration with other Performance Service team
members and USOC Sport Resources staff, collectively pursue the
objectives to develop a world class program in sport science services,
research and development of applied technologies, delivery of advanced
educational material, and participation in international leadership
efforts for sport performance.


* Deliver Performance Technology services to our NGB clients;
* Perform testing, setup, and calibration of equipment to ensure
accuracy, reliability and validity of performance analysis measures;
* Initiate and maintain effective working relationships with USOC member
organizations to identify, develop and deliver projects and programs
which will contribute to high performance. Provide interpretation for
and foster the relationship with NGB staff and the corporate sector;
* Collaborate on the analysis of NGB performance issues and
interpretation of technology solutions for sport performance with
primary focus on performance analysis tools and technologies;
* Serve as team member on the USOC High Performance Center team and
assist with technology services and video delivery at the Olympic Games
and international competitions.

Research and Development:
* Design, program and implement data acquisition, sport performance
analysis, and graphics feedback software;
* Develop real-time feedback, analysis and data collection systems for
scientific performance analysis;
* Research, develop and apply new technologies and programs for the
application of technology into coaching and sport performance.
Coordinate the application, education, and development of these
technologies for and with our USOC membership in an easy to understand
* Research, develop solutions, and apply technologies and programs for
elite sport performance and scientific needs;
* Stay current with technologies, coaching tools and testing processes
for performance analysis.

* Serve as team member on development of services, projects and
application of technology to USOC customers;
* Assist in the creation and development of a performance technology
network of professionals and facilities and when required, coordinate
those services to and for USOC customers;
* Represent the USOC and Performance Services through presence and
participation at international professional organizations and
conferences and through international exchange opportunities.

Program Administration:
* Serve as team member on Performance Technology Virtual Team;
* Provide input and direction to Performance Services leadership for
technology developments for programs, services, media opportunities and
educational environments;
* Facilitate equipment procurement, maintenance, technical upgrades and
* Initiate and maintain professional relationships with academic,
corporate and private sectors for the purpose of leveraging support for
the Division's mission.

* Develop and deliver performance technology educational content for
athlete/coach education programs and the Internet;
* When required, present information at events sponsored by various
groups within the USOC, NGB, academic, professional organizations, or
corporate communities.


* Standard office equipment;
* Technical equipment including computer systems, engineering analysis
tools, and commercial video equipment.


* Office environment;
* Multi-building complex;
* Light to medium lifting;
* Occasional vehicle and air travel;
* Some outdoor settings in winter conditions and in sport venues and


* MS in computer science or related sport technology field or equivalent
* Familiarity in performance technologies, data collection, data
analysis and feedback in sports biomechanics, exercise physiology and
sporty psychology;
* Experience in video technologies including connectivity, formats and
* Familiarity of applied sciences including: computers, biomechanics,
physics, physiology and basic engineering;
* 3+ years experience in sport technology field, or sport setting with
elite athletes and coaches;
* 5+ years experience in software development/writing and support
programs used for data collection, data analysis and feedback in sports
biomechanics, exercise physiology and/or sport psychology;
* 3+ years experience programming for data acquisition, analysis and
presentation using National Instruments products, C/C++, Visual Basic,
Excel, and Access or equivalents.
* 3+ years experience in at least one of the following areas:
* 3D Studio Max and related plug-ins for motion capture and 3D
solid figure modeling;
* Web development platforms (HTML, XML, asp, VB.Net, Flash)
* Visual and virtual reality program and system development;
* RF, broadband, and wireless communication systems;
* Real-time feedback;
* Sensor technologies including timing, motion tracking, GPS and
3D topography
* Knowledge of data acquisition technology (software and hardware) and
procedures including sensors, signal processing, noise, sampling theory,
basic RF technology, RS422 protocol, A/D acquisition, force platforms,
real-time processing, and longitudinal data analysis;
* Understanding of applied sciences including: biomechanics, physics,
physiology, statistics and applied mathematics;
* Good interpretive skills between technology and sport performance;
* Excellent writing, oral communications and interpersonal skills
* Passion for Sport

Please send resumes to:
United States Olympic Committee
Human Resources
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5760
Fax: (719) 632-2884
Hiring Range: $45,700 - $65,300
Please refer to job code USOC-7674. Deadline for submission: posting
will remain open until filled.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin,
gender, age, handicap, or veteran status. All qualified applicants will
be given equal opportunity. Selection decisions are based on
job-related factors.