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Dai Nishikawa
06-01-2007, 01:13 PM
Hello, David

I've read your message on biomech-L forum. It was actually a typical problem
experienced by monks practicing martial arts at Shaolin temple in the olden
days. The priest called Damo developed techniques to counter these problems.
One is called muscle/tendon classics where you tense your muscles for
several or more seconds, relax for double the period and repeat this cycle.
It may be difficult to find a text on this, but muscle/tendon classics is
very similar to 'progressive relaxation'(in fact, I suspect progressive
relaxation came from Damo's). There should be a good few texts on PR
available on Amazon. Your joint pain maybe a sign of osteoarthritis. With
advancing age, your joints become dryer and dryer and your joint catilage
loses its smooth glistening appearance and turn coarse.

In classic jujitsu such as Daito-ryu Aiki Jujitsu, a myriad of
self-mobilisation/muscle relaxation techniques are taught and practiced..
Have you not trained in these? I know from my own experience that many
martial arts groups are ignorant about the importance of good old training
techniques, but instead they instruct ballistic stretching & warm-up. As a
consequence, a lot of martial arts practitioners have never come across the
techniques which have designed and resigned by trail and error through

Best wishes
Dai Nishikawa

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