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Roy Bechtel
12-31-1993, 05:31 AM
Greetings fellow BIOMCH-L subscribers. I am a physical therapist
attempting to earn a Ph.D. in biomechanics at the University of Maryland.
My interest is in the biomechanics of the lumbar spine and pelvis. I'd like
my dissertation topic to contribute to the creation of a biomechanical
model of the pelvis, specifically the sacroiliac joints and pubic
symphysis. Would be very grateful for any advice about how to
approach this topic, especially from anyone contemplating similar studies
or already involved in the work. I'm somewhat familiar with the FEM work
of Shirazi-Adl on the lumbar spine, and Vleeming and Stoeckart's work on
the pelvis. A collaborative effort would be very satisfactory from my
perspective. If others are interested, I'll post a
summary of responses in the usual way. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Roy Bechtel, PT phone (W) 410 706 7720
University of Maryland fax 410 706 6387
Department of Physical Therapy
100 Penn Street Suite 115
Baltimore, MD 21201