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06-12-2007, 08:02 AM
I would appreciate if you could post this job announcement for the Biomechanics

Orthopaedic Research Associate

The Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute (AORI) is seeking an individual to
assist with all phases of its on-going research related to knee replacements.
The successful candidate will work under the guidance of experienced orthopaedic
surgeons to design and implement research studies. Job responsibilities will
include developing research protocols, obtaining Institutional Review Board
(IRB) approval, collecting and managing data, performing statistical analyses
and writing scientific manuscripts. Current research topics include the
measurement of implant wear using clinical x-rays and retrieved components and
the evaluation of clinical outcomes associated with different types of implants
and surgical techniques. Efforts are also underway to develop more sensitive
techniques to quantify knee replacement outcome, including functional assessment
tests and three-dimensional kinematic analyses. Candidates must have a
bachelor's or graduate degree in engineering or a science-related field.
Computer proficiency is essential. Although prior experience is desirable, AORI
regards itself as a teaching institute and can provide on-the-job training for
capable individuals who are ambitious and self-motivated. Salary will be based
on qualifications and experience. This position is full-time with benefits and
may be ideal for someone who is seeking clinical experience or considering a
career related to orthopaedics. Interested candidates should e-mail their CV
and a cover letter to research@aori.org.

Established in 1972, AORI (www.aori.org) is a non-profit foundation renown for
its clinically-oriented research related to hip and knee replacements. AORI
conducts both prospective and retrospective studies to better understand the
factors that influence outcome after joint replacement. The Institute maintains
a clinical database of over 15,000 joint replacement procedures in addition to a
large collection of revision and post-mortem retrieved specimens. AORI's
facilities are located 10 miles outside Washington, DC, in Alexandria, VA. We
seek to share our research findings with the medical community through
peer-reviewed publications and scientific meetings. Opportunities for
co-authorship are available to AORI staff members for work stemming from their

Best regards,

Robert Hopper
Director, Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute