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06-15-2007, 02:59 PM
Dear David Smith,

What's happening to you is just simply "natural ageing process". But just because it's natural, it doesn't mean you have to accept it as it is. You can "naturally" fight it back, with the right weapons!
Focus on training for strength and power, which are two important abilities we ALL lose as we age, and that have the greatest impact in our daily activities (including playing, fighting, sporting, etc).
Ah, about your hamstring pulls: that would need further examination, but check your knee muscle balance: hamstring to quads ratio. The hams should have around 65%-75% of the quads strength/power. If it's less or more than that, it could predispose you to injury (stretching is also another component, as you've mentioned).
And also as an "athlete wannabe" as I am, I've also noticed decreases in my performance... since I was 25. And I'm 30 now.
We all lose it... But how much we lose it, and how much of it we can recover is partially up to ourselves!!!
Keep up the good work! Keep lifting iron!!!
Best regards,
Alexandre de Oliveira
Physical Therapist and Master in Rehabilitation Sciences (from Brazil!)

David Smith escreveu:
Dear all

I know this isn't strictly biomechanics but many of you are in related sports and physiology disciplines so:-

I'm kicking the butt of 50yrs old (this july in fact) I train at least 3 times per week. Judo, submision wrestling and mixed martial arts (cage fighting). Some weeks I also do karate and kick boxing plus occasional competitions.
I have trained since I was 10yrs old pretty regulary up until the present time.
Why is it that now I can't get the intensity or strength that I used to have? Why does it hurt much more after I train hard?
I can't regularly train more than three times a week because I get to fatiuged ie joint and muscle pain make me sieze up.
Why do injuries last so much longer? Why is it also that I can carry on at a medium intensity training pace much longer than younger players but can't keep up high intensity work for very long? Why do I keep pulling my hamstring when I regularly stretch and am, apparently, more supple than most younger guys? I mainly rely on skill to win but the ability to get into overdive and my strength just seems to decrease rapidly as the years pass.
I know its all down to age but if you would like to enlighten me further and in more depth I would be grateful.

Sincerely, Grumpy old git, Dave [and just to top it all the hair that used to grow on my head now grows out of my nose, eyebrows and chest, tempest fugit :-( ]
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