View Full Version : Help Needed with the EvaRT 5.0 software

06-19-2007, 04:28 AM
Dear Biomech-L members,

I use the motion tracking system software (EvaRt 5.0) to collect EMG data. I collect huge number of data files in .anb format (Files are named sequentially) which require me to convert them to .anc format later in order to be able to process them. I do that file by file which is a long tedious process which consumes a lot of time.

I happen to know that I can use the skyscript (implemented in the EvaRt 5.0) to write a code that would this conversion automatically for the whole volume of files without having to do it one by one.

I appreciate if anybody, who may have come across this problem or know how to solve it, would provide a code that I can use for my purpose.

Tamer Khalaf
Center for Industrial Ergonomics
Lutz Hall, Rm #303
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Louisville

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