View Full Version : Re: How general is Wolff's Law?

Arthur Brandwood
01-04-1994, 10:31 AM
On Tue, 04 Jan 1994 09:14:17 -040,
Trey Crisco writes:
>Does "Wolff's Law" apply to plants?
It most certainly does - which is not surprising as plants are organisms
subject to similar kinds of selection in response to mechanical
stimuli in the environment as humans. Take a look at the way trees
grow. I saw some work of a German Scientist (whose name escapes me) who
has studied this in some detail and developed algorithms based on observed
growth of tree branches, which are now being applied to efficient design of
components of vehicle suspensions.

I would expect that Wolff's law applies to any organism with load bearing
skeletal structures - which covers just about everything from
microorganisms to sequoia...

Arthur Brandwood.