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06-22-2007, 08:57 AM
Dear Gyusung Lee,

I haven't had any direct experience with data sets that large but I do
have some experience with long tasks in matlab.

My first inclination would be to check two things(I am assuming that
you use some form of loop to pass through the data):

1) make sure that you create the appropriate size vector (or matrix)
before the loop. While matlab can dynamically add elements to arrays,
a dynamic addition each cycle of the loop will really slow down a
process (I've had speedups of 40% getting rid of this type of problem
with simple calculations in for loops)

2) get rid of recurrant screen output. If you are missing the
suppression(semicolon) on some calculations the system will slow down
quite a bit while writing to the screen.

I don't think either of these solutions will totally solve your
problem, but they might help a bit.

Tucker Tomlinson

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