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Herman J. Woltring
03-29-1990, 02:07 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

I should like to complement Giovanni Legnani with his intention to provide for
an academic, freely shareable version of SPACELIB; if he feels inclined to do
so, the fileserving facilities of LISTSERV@HEARN might accomodate this.

In reply to his personal questions (it was suggested before that the main joint
angle debaters should remain silent for a while), I might mention that my Dutch
time, like his Italian time, is contractually controlled by the European Commu-
nity. Thus, I have no doubt that he is writing as many papers (or even more,
perhaps) in his lab as I am doing in mine.

Herman J. Woltring
(Absent until April 9, 1990)

CAMARC ("Computer Aided Movement Analysis in a Rehabilitation Context") is a
project under the Advanced Informatics in Medicine action of the Commission
of the European Communities (AIM/DG XIII-F/CEC), with academic, public-health,
industrial, and independent partners from Italy, France, U.K. and The Nether-
lands. Its scope is pre-competitive.