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Matthew Paul Rupert
01-04-1994, 01:56 PM

My name is Matt Rupert, and I am a junior Engineering Mechanic
at the University of Cincinnati. I am very enthused with the field of
engineering, but my true interests are in the medical field. I would
like to weave engineering into the medical field in the area of
athletics (I am also a UC varsity athlete). My most
outstanding goal is to work with athletes (college or professional) as a
physician (orthopedics for instance), and somehow intertwine engineering
into the scenario.
I am maintaining a 3.9 gpa, I have done well on my MCAT, and I
have been involved with the biomedical field through UC's co-op program.
My next step is to investigate medical schools, and I am asking for any
input on possible paths that will lead me towards my goal, as well as
schools which have such programs.
From what I have observed others doing, I can think of two
possible scenarios (I would be interested in any of the many others
which you may think of). One would be to go to medical school and then
do something like an orthopedic residency/fellowship afterwards. The
other would be to enter into a MD/PhD program. Combining these two
could also be a possibility.....but that could take 'forever'.....

I would appreciate any suggestions, ideas, etc...

Thanx in advance,

Matt Rupert
Enginnering Mechanics Student
Noyes-Giannestras Biomechanics Labs
University of Cincinnati
2900 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45206