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06-26-2007, 02:25 AM
Hello All,

To investigate how a runner selects their Preferred Step Frequency (PSF) to
minimize their Cost of Transport (COT) or O2 consumption I developed a
swing-leg model that feeds off my spring-mass model. The sub-model does not use
inverse dynamics or the “driven oscillator” approach. The model shows a minimum
in the COT at the PSF similar to that offered by Cavanagh, et al (1). I
would like to compare the gait parameters from this double model with real-world
data, but I can't find any research on how they change around the PSF.

Does anyone have any treadmill results that indicate how the contact time,
GRF, CM Displacement or mid-stance knee velocity behave when a constant-speed
runner changes their step frequency by +/-15 to 20% from the PSF?

Are there any studies that have examined the gait parameter changes around
the PSF? Any citations would be appreciated.

Thank you all,

Ted Andresen
Mathematics Dept. (SP/G)
St. Petersburg College
Hot & Humid, Florida

(1) Cavanagh PR & Williams KR, The effect of stride length variation on
oxygen uptake during distance running. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1982;14(1):30-5

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