View Full Version : Inverse Dynamics in Peak Motus 9 or Matlab

Corey Scholes
06-26-2007, 09:06 AM
Hello everyone,

I am having some difficulty in setting up inverse dynamics calculations
using Peak Motus 9 and I'm looking at exporting the raw calculated data and
performing the remaining calculations in Matlab.

My first question is - does anyone have some Matlab code that would be
suitable for calculating the inverse dynamics of the right hip/knee/ankle
during gait activities that they would be willing to share? Even some
pointers on how to set up the code myself would be extremely helpful at this

My second question is - has anyone had any experience with calculating
inverse dynamics using Peak Motus 9 or SimMechanics (Matlab add-on) and
would be willing to share their experiences?

Any commentary on this topic would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

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