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07-02-2007, 12:10 PM
Dear Biomech-L members,
I would like to thank you for your response to my question.

My question was:
I use the motion tracking system software (EvaRt 5.0) to collect EMG data. I collect huge number of data files in .anb format (Files are named sequentially) which require me to convert them to .anc format later in order to be able to process them. I do that file by file which is a long tedious process which consumes a lot of time. I happen to know that I can use the skyscript (implemented in the EvaRt 5.0) to write a code that would this conversion automatically for the whole volume of files without having to do it one by one.
Here is the summary of the responses I received:
************************************************** ********************** Response #1 After you open EVaRT 5.0- Select “User Apps” tab, “Sky” tab, “Open Sky Interface” tab- Choose “Global Sky Files” and select “ANB2ANC.sky” (this file already installed with EvaRT 5.0)- Select the “Run Script” tab and choose the folder containing trial data with *.anb files
************************************************** ************************Response #2
The program BioProc2 can read and process files in .anb format. It does not convert files to .anc format but can output files in various ASCII formats (tab or space delimited, CSV etc.).It is free from: http://www.health.uottawa.ca/biomech/csb/software/bioproc2.htmInstall it with the file bpwin2.zip (or .exe) and then use the Update function from the Help menu to get the latest versions.***************************************** ***********************************

Best Regards
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