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07-03-2007, 06:39 PM
Dear subscribers

The URL for the proceedings of the seminar "Prediction ... of THR
performance" now functions correctly.
We thank the colleagues who pointed out the problem.

Siegfried Jaecques

An international seminar on "Prediction and evaluation of THR
performance:can we plan success?", was organised in Leuven (Belgium),
June 22nd-23th, 2007.
Proceedings of this seminar can now be downloaded as a single PDF from
(filesize 10.6 MB). Papers have virtual pagination for convenience
of citation.
Before acceptance, papers were reviewed by a scientific committee,
listed in the seminar leaflet, downloadable from

Summary of topics covered:
-Clinical and radiographic evaluation of THR performance
-Follow-up of implant performance using BMD and RSA
-Per-operative stability measures for THR
-Use of individualized musculoskeletal modelling to quantify hip implant
-Potential of pre-operative parameters to predict post-operative THR
fixation and ingrowth

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