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07-09-2007, 11:51 PM
Dear Colleagues

'Biomechanics of the Lower Limb in Health, Disease and Rehabilitation'

September 3-5th 2007. Hosted by the Centre for Rehabilitation and Human
Performance Research, University of Salford, England

The conference programme has been finalised and is available online at
www.biomech2007.salford.ac.uk .

The keynote Speakers are:

1. Dr James Gage, Gillette Children's Hospital, St Paul Minnesota, USA -
"xx years of clinical gait analysis"

2. Professor Thomas Andriacchi, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Stanford University, USA - "Knee injuries and osteoarthritis"

3. Professor Julie Steele, Biomechanics Research laboratory, University
of Wollongong, Australia - "Biofeedback systems in Rehabilitation'

4. Dr Hugh Herr, Biomechatronics Lab, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, USA - "State of the art technology in human movement

5. Dr Arne Lundberg, Dept Orthopaedics, Karolinska Medical Institute,
Sweden - "Why and when invasive methods can be necessary or irrelevant"

Three satellite events are also confirmed for the 6th September 2007:

1. Footwear - technology or psychology

2. Introduction to Clinical Gait Analysis

3. Pattern Recognition in Biomechanics

Further information is available on the website
or by contacting j.fletcher@salford.ac.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to Salford in September!

Rich Jones
Conference Chair

Rich Jones

Lecturer in Clinical Biomechanics

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