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07-11-2007, 06:50 PM
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your responses and suggestions.
Below is a summary of responses to my question regarding pressure sensors for measuring the pressure of water on the swimmer's hand.

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Marcin Jaszczak

Unit of Swimming
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Tekscan (www.tekscan.com) and pressure profile systems (www.pressureprofile.com) both have sensors that would suit your need for measuring pressure around a 3 dimensional object. Water resistance will undoubtedly be an obstacle.

Good luck.
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Dear Marcin

Tekscan and RS Scan make pressure measurement products for all types of
purposes. EG, in shoe, seating, in prosthetic socket. I would imagine that
the resistive ink elements are water proof. Give then a ring and find out.

Cheers Dave
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you might want to talk to Novel GmbH Munich. They have built water-proof
(hand pressure?) sensors before.


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Dear Marcin

after quite some problems with absolute pressure sensors (temperature
drift!) we now work with differential pressure sensors (Honeywell

kind regards

Huub Toussaint Ph.D.
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Many years ago, we had tried to measure hydrodynamic (and not hydrostatic) pressure when swimming whith D Chollet.
Now, I think that this can done by means of 2 small pressures transducers, one in the direction of the direction of the displacement (perpendicular to the plane of the hand), and the second perpendicularly. The hydrodynamic pressure in relation with the propulsive force is proportionnal to the difference beetween theses 2 pressures.
See Pitot tube on the web.

Contact CHOLLET Didier,
Pr Directeur du Centre des Transformations des Activités Physiques et Sportives, CETAPS EA 3832
Faculté des Sciences du Sport
Université de Rouen , Bd Siegfried
76 821 Mont-Saint Aignan
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who is a specialist of swimming.

Best regards

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I don't know of a particular sensor for this application, but it would
be fairly straightforward to fabricate a glove with a bladder in the
measurement area of interest and then use a standard pressure sensor to
measure the pressure exerted on the bladder.
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Hello Mr. Marcin Jaszczak,

I have had an experiments to use a pressure sensor with Dr. Barry Wilson
in swimming flume. The pressure sensors are manufactured by KYOWA, Japan
and a strain gage system. There are several specification for the
magnitude of pressure and you can chose it. What I used was called as
PS-2KA. The rate capacity is 200 kPa. The size is approximately 3 mm
thick and 10 mm wide sensor.

I hope this helps you.


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Contact Rod Havriluk who makes the AQUANEX system. Should neet you needs.

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Aquanex Type A sensors measure hand force. The sensor is worn between the third and fourth fingers and measures the pressure differential between the palmar and dorsal surfaces. Please review the information on the STR website and then contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

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