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Nikolaos Darras
07-22-2007, 05:43 PM
Dear Members,

We would like to bring to your attention that The European Society for
Movement Analysis in Adults and Children (ESMAC) organises the annual gait
course and continuing education initiative prior to their annual conference
in Athens, Greece. Details are below or can be found through


There are still a limited number of places available.

Gait Course 24-26/09/07

Building on a tradition of well structured annual gait courses, this year's
courses offer a unique opportunity by combining expertise in the field of
clinical gait analysis.

The three days Gait Course will introduce the concepts of clinical gait
analysis to non-experienced personnel. Concepts covered will include
measurement and processing techniques, as well as data interpretation and
clinical decision making. Clinical case studies will provide an essential
part of the teaching program.

The faculty consists of representatives of expert centres in the field of
clinical movement analysis: R. Brunner - C. Stewart - J. Robb - S. Gibbs -
I. Jonkers - B. Westhoff among others.

Continuing Education In Data Interpretation: September 25-26/09/07

The two days Continuing Education In Data Interpretation will expand on the
Gait Course and is open to those with more experience. It will aim to
provide a wider perspective on measurement and processing techniques, as
well as data interpretation and clinical decision making. Extensive use of
clinical case studies and round table discussions will be central to this

Faculty and cases presented are

Case 1: Pre-Post Operative CP patient (Tim Theologis)
Case 2: Adult Stroke (James Robb)
Case 3: Long Term Follow-up CP patient (Adam Shortland)
Case 4: Muscle dystrophy (Andrew Roberts)
Case 5: Club Foot - Introducing the Heidelberg Foot Model (Sebastian Wolf)
Case 6: Hemiparetic CP Patient-Introducing the Oxford Foot Model (Julie
Case 7: Pre - Post operative Spina Bifida Case (Kaat Desloovere)
Case 8: Adult polio with excessive knee hyperextension and trunk
compensations (Bettina Westhoff)

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Nikolaos Darras
ELEPAP Gait Analysis Center
Kononos 16
Pagrati, Athens
e-mail: gait_lab@elepap.gr