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Bob Brosch
07-26-2007, 02:26 AM
New Job Posting

Biomedical / Mechanical Engineer, TestResources Inc

The firm supplies modular test systems to biomedical researchers for
fatigue, static and dynamic characterization of materials, devices and
mechanical systems. Systems consist of actuators (servo-all-electric or
servo-hydraulic), sensors such as LVDT, load cells and contactless video
or laser systems, servocontrollers, control software for single,
multichannel, and multi-station test systems, and accessories such as
baths and chambers. Reference web site -- http://www.testresources.com.

The position is responsible for design and development of mechanical
subsystems and project management of biomedical research systems. The
position is entry level - for BS and MS candidates with mechanical and
biomedical engineering degrees. As a smaller firm, we seek individuals
with strong sense of personal accountability, creative problem solving
skills, and good communication skills.

Design of test systems for soft and hard tissues, bones, orthopedic
Design and manufacturing of biological bathes and systems
Configuration engineering of high frequency low force systems
System checkout of multiaxial (planar biaxial and axial torsional)
Project management of custom engineered electromechanical tensile,
compression and static test machines.
Software programming in visual basic and C++ considered a plus.
Practice and promote good practices and rigor in documentation to comply
with internal and external quality standards/requirements.

Bachelor or Masters in Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering.

If you have interest, or know someone who meets the criteria, please
have them submit a resume to:

Sean O'Fallon
800 430 6536 X106