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Archana Sangole
07-30-2007, 09:30 AM
Dear BIOMCH-L members,

The 2007 joint ACRM-ASNR conference (American Congress of
Rehabilitation Medicine, American Society of Neurorehabilitation) is offering an
early career development course (http://www.acrm.org/) that will address
several important topics across rehabilitation disciplines including
small group discussions with experienced mentors. The necessary details
can be obtained at http://www.acrm.org/conference/early-career.htm

The course will cover a variety of topics including - building a
research career, developing a research plan, grant writing and success
stories from early career researchers. The course also provides the
opportunity to meet with experienced mentors and network with other early career

Hope this will be of interest to most folks.


Archana P. Sangole, PhD, PE
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation (CRIR)
Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal
6300 Ave Darlington, Montreal, PQ, H3S 2J4
tel: 514.340.2111 x2188
fax: 514.340.2154
School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
McGill University, Montreal, PQ, H3G 1Y5

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