View Full Version : Link Kistler force plate to Vicon

08-05-2007, 07:52 PM
Dear colleagues,

I try to link a Kistler force plate to the Vicon system (Vicon MX) and
have the following problems:

1) The corners of the force plate are differently named by Kistler and
Vicon (e.g. Kistler corner No. 1 = Vicon corner No. 2), which results in
changing the name of Fx, Fy and Fz (e.g Fx (1+2) in Kistler = Fx(2+3) in
Vicon). Is there a possibility to change the coordinates of the coordinate
system in Vicon?

2) If I do the stick test (applying forces with a stick and looking
afterwards how the force vector is aligned with the
stick) the shown force vector is rotated by 90 degrees (= the lines of the
force vector and the stick are not parallel as they should be).

I thought these problems have something to do with the different coordinate
systems (Vicon and Kistler), but maybe it is caused by something else?

I set up the force plate as it was described in the FAQ site of Vicon,
changed the analog channels, contacted Vicon and still experienced these
problems. I also searched the Biomch-l archive with no result, therefore I
would be very grateful for any ideas and help.
Thank you.

Doerte Zietz
Human Movement Laboratory
School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Universtiy of Birmingham, UK