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08-06-2007, 07:49 AM
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Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Biomch-L Co-moderator
NIH Grant Preparation Workshops for Rehabilitation Research based at
the University of Virginia, is pleased to announce that it will be
offering the
6th Annual Intensive Workshop on Grant Writing, Preparation, and
Submission in Rehabilitation Research to be held on January 15-20,
2008 at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville, VA.

This NIH-sponsored program is a 5-day workshop offering individual
consultation and group lectures/discussions on grantsmanship, writing,
research design, and hypothesis generation. Participants will devote
most of their time to developing their own proposals, assisted by
senior NIH-funded mentors. With guided preparation before and during
the conference, a completed NIH-competitive proposal is the goal for
the workshop.
All junior and mid-level faculty in any medical rehabilitation
discipline (e.g., PM&R, Rehab Engineering, Neuroscience, Developmental
Pediatrics, Neuropsychology, PT, OT, Speech/Language, Nursing) who
have either not submitted a grant application to or have not been
successful in obtaining research funding from the NIH are welcome to
apply. Applications are currently being accepted through our web site
and will continue to be available until September 18, 2007.

Each participant will be charged a registration fee of $1,395 which
will cover hotel costs, all meals, training materials, and logistical
support. Transportation costs and incidentals are the responsibility
of the participant. Based on requests from previous participants, we
are pleased to offer an optional "Writing Day" on Sunday, January
20th. There are no structured events scheduled for this day and an
additional fee of $123.50 will be charged for an additional night of
lodging (meals are not provided on Sunday).
You can view and download the workshop brochure at
http://erris.med.virginia.edu/workshop/pdf/2008ERRISWorkshop.pdf. For
more information, visit our web site at
http://erris.med.virginia.edu/workshop or contact:
James A. Blackman, MD, MPH
Project Principal Investigator
Linda A. Deeds
Project Manager
This workshop is funded by Grant Number 5T15HD050255-02 "NIH Grant
Prep. Workshops for Rehabilitation Research" from the National
Institutes of Health National Center for Medical Rehabilitation
Research (NIH-NCMRR)