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Antonio Cicchella
01-12-1994, 08:34 PM
I'm a researcher working in a team at Officine Rizzoli of Bologna, Italy.
At our laboratory we are now studying postural problems in school age
children due to back loads (knapsack). Our idea is to determine a maximum
acceptable load (related to body weight), that can be daily carried by
children without alterate their normal posture.In particular we begun to study
the changes of center of gravity projection superimposed to child video image
in standing and walking with and without knapsack. For standing we think to
use also electromyography of some postural antigravitary muscles (soleus,
erector spinae, trapezius and rectus abdominis),
In this initial fase I'm searching for literature, suggestion or report of
previous experience in this field. Could someone give me that kind
of information ? Obviously, I will share all materials whit interested person.
Thank you and best regards from Bologna.

Antonio Cicchella
Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli S.p.A.
via SS. Annunziata 13, 40136 Bologna-Italy
tel. 39.51.6441241 fax 39.51.580333