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09-17-2007, 03:13 AM

This position is located in the Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory within
the Military Advanced Training Center (MATC) at Walter Reed Army Medical
Center (WRAMC), Washington, DC. The aim of the MATC is to provide
state-of-the-art amputee care, assisting patients as they return to the
highest levels of physical, psychological and emotional function. The Gait
and Motion Analysis Laboratory provides injured military members with the
best technology available to precisely analyze and interpret movement
dysfunctions. Personnel from the Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory
provide clinical training and testing services, conduct research to improve
patient management, and provide education and training in leading-edge care
and rehabilitation of the amputee patient. This is a full-time position in
direct support of research protocols and clinical care. The incumbent will
primarily be responsible for the operation of the Computer Assisted
Rehabilitation ENviornment (CAREN, www.e-motek.com) to be located in the
MATC. The CAREN system is an advanced virtual reality based training system
that incorporates optoelectronic motion capture and a 6 degree-of-freedom
motion platform to produce an immersive and interactive training environment
for clinical and research use.

Essential Job Duties (90%)
1. Operate CAREN system for patient or research subject training/testing
2. Maintain equipment and computer resources
3. Perform daily, monthly and annual system checks to ensure proper system
4. Assist with data processing and management
5. Development of multimedia resources for presentation of MATC research and
clinical efforts
6. Software and system integration

Other Job Duties (10%)
7. Assist with interpretation of data
8. Assist with research development
9. Perform other duties as assigned

Bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering, kinesiology/biomechanics, or
related field from an accredited institution and a minimum of 2 years of
industrial, clinical, or research experience
Master's degree is preferred
Understanding of human movement analysis concepts and sensitivity to the
needs of the clinicians and researchers
Familiarity with motion capture hardware and software
Familiarity with the function of gait laboratories and research protocols
Knowledge of procedures and techniques necessary for performing research
Interpersonal skills to work effectively with patients and staff
Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
Ability to work comfortably with computer software ranging from virtual
reality environment manipulation to data processing and management
Demonstrated aptitude with graphics software programs
Willingness to learn and troubleshoot computer related issues
Job-specific training for operating the CAREN system will be completed

The Incumbent works under the supervision of the technical director of the
Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory. Technical and procedural problems and
plans relating to accomplishment of assigned tasks are resolved
independently or through consultation with the lab technical director.

The incumbent will adhere to general lab standard operating procedures and
contribute input to development of CAREN-specific operational procedures and
guidelines as the system use is expanded. Independent judgment is required
in determining specific procedures to be followed, sources to be used and
technical compliance with standards and requirements.

The work involves a considerable amount and complexity of data, information,
resources, regulations, sources and technical requirements. There are a
variety of actions that may be required and taken depending upon the type of
data collection and patient assessment being performed.

The function of this position is to provide essential support to clinical
and research assessment conducted in the Gait and Motion Analysis
Laboratory. The implementation of virtual reality training environments is
imperative to successful completion of research projects.

The physical activity is mostly sedentary but may require some lifting of
equipment and sitting and standing from the floor for patient set up.

The work environment is a virtual reality training system and motion
analysis laboratory located in a newly built training center as part of a
teaching and research hospital. Work is performed in an office and
laboratory setting.

To respond to this listing please send a CV or resume to:

Andre' G. Speller

Health Systems Specialist
Integrated Department of
Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
National Naval Medical Center
Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Email Andre.Speller@us.army.mil
Ph 202-356-1012 ext 23303
Blackberry 202-247-5377
Fax 202-782-4365