View Full Version : IRB Survey Results

09-24-2007, 01:15 PM
Dear all,

I posted the mini IRB Survey to both Biomch-L and Sportscience. I've
received 13 responses so far. Considering the total number of members of
both lists this is a poor turnout (13 / ~8,000). Nevertheless, I really
appreciate those colleagues who have responded promptly to my inquiry.

As you can see in the summary below, I've got 8 responses from the
institutions that do not require chair's signature. I DO HOPE to hear more
from colleagues with institutions requiring chair's signature on the IRB
form. The survey is not closed yet so please keep send me your responses.

In general, it is evident that department chair's role is perceived as
administrative. 8 out 13 institutions do not require the signature and
several responses from the institutions that require signature also state
that. I will need more responses to make a substantial conclusion though.

Enjoy the report. Thanks a million!