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Thibaut Bardyn
10-03-2007, 12:03 AM
Hi all

I am working on a software that uses CT scan values and convert them to
Young's modulus. This process is divided in two steps. First convert the CT
values to apparent densities and then convert these apparent densities to
young's moduli. I am using this Electron Density Refernce Phantom to
calibrate the CT scan. This phantom is made of two cylinder representing
trabecular and cortical bone. The problem is that the documentation that
comes with the system gives only those information :

-Trabecular bone 200 mg/cc HA

Physical density : 1.161

Electron density per cc*1023: 3.730

Electron density relative to H2O: 1.117

-Dense Bone 800 mg/cc HA

Physical density: 1.609

Electron density per cc*1023: 5.052

Electron density relative to H2O: 1.512

My question is: what value shoud I use to get the apparent density that is
mentioned in Carter formula for conversion to Young'modulus ?

Thanks for your help.

Thibaut Bardyn


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